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In August 2018, the West Congregation of The Austin Stone ordained 40 new deacons. These men and women have proven character, and a desire to see our body flourish. There are already countless stories of God's grace through them as they endeavor to support our calling as a church to love God, love the church, love the city, and love the nations. 


In October 2018, God provided The Austin Stone with a permanent facility in west Austin. Out primary calling to be disciples and disciplemakers has never been about a building, and never will be, but this gift from the Lord is one we are excited to steward! With this space, we've been able to multiply to two worship services, increase our capacity to equip the saints for the work of ministry, and have more room to train up the next generation. The Students and Kids ministries in particular have experienced tremendous growth and depth of engagement. We will continue to pray that 916 S. Captial of TX Hwy is a resource that God uses to multiply His reach in our city. 

Junior High Baptisms

This past year, we had the joy of seeing God do incredible works in the hearts of our Students. We consistently saw kids profess faith for the first time and wrestle with what that meant for their lives. This past fall a group of middle school boys took the bold step of publicly declaring their faith together through baptism. One by one, the friends stood before the West Congregation and proclaimed that God had saved them from their sins and made them new through Christ. Our culture doesn't often expect much from middle schoolers, but this past year has demonstrated that God is raising up a generation of students to proclaim the good news of the gospel to their friends and families. Their willingness to obey God has already had a ripple effect throughout our Students ministry and church as a whole, and we can't wait to see God continue to move powerfully in our midst.

Move Forward

Moving Forward Together

The West Congregation has experienced a lot of change and a lot of growth over the last couple of years. God has been so kind in helping us to find, and then move into the new facility and it has been incredible to see how that move has given us a foothold into the community. We are well-positioned to see God continue to work outside our body, but need to focus on caring for one another as well. For that reason, we have two internal strategic priorities of “cultivating care” and “making disciple makers” that will help us to remember to focus on caring, kind and deliberate relationships within the body so that all who call the West Congregation would feel loved, seen and known in the midst of a growing family.

Moving Forward on Mission

The West Congregation has a lot to give and a lot to learn. The human potential alone is astonishing when you consider the skillsets, experience, resources, and gifting that God has seen fit to bring together in our congregation. It would be a tragedy though if we ended up “having church” in our great facility but never leveraging the potential of those gifts for the blessing of the city of Austin and for the expanding of God’s kingdom amongst the nations.  In addition, our hope is for the people at West to join in God’s work throughout the nations by supporting those who have already gone, mobilizing and encouraging those who might go in the future, and doing all we can to be faithful in our support from here in the States. 
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