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Sharing the Gospel

"The biggest story in my mission was getting to share the gospel with a local man, see him come to faith that day, and baptize him the next morning! He was baptized on the morning of Good Friday. This was encouraging to me in multiple ways. Obviously God's miraculous saving work is always powerful to watch, but in addition to that, it encouraged me that after seven months of being in country, I had enough language to talk at that level to simply explain the gospel as well as basic discipleship lessons. That is a real gift from God!"

Inspired By Home

"One thing that God has recently put on our hearts through our home assignment is growing in hospitality and generosity. We were blessed and challenged by all the people who cared for us during our four months back in the US and have started asking the Lord to help us dream and implement ways we can use our lives to show hospitality to teammates, partners and neighbors. It's been fun getting to bring back some of those experiences of staying with families and use them to bless people in our country."

Community Across Borders

"We were so excited to host the team of six from Stone two weeks ago. It is sweet to look back at an opportunity that arose to speak at a goer Missional Community when we were on home assignment, having no idea that eight months later we'd be welcoming some of those same people into our home in Asia! I think it's a true testament to what God is doing in and through our team now, that others are excited to visualize themselves as a part of the mission that God's given us for our people group."

Transcending Language Barriers

"F is from a Muslim background and had been working with our team on gospel translation work. Working late into the night on one of our scripts, the presence of God enveloped her and His love poured into her heart. The next day we got the message, “Can we talk,” and as F recounted her experience with God, she also told us “I’ve now led my sister to faith in Jesus, and I want to partner with you guys in any way that I can.” F is one of ten people our team has seen profess new faith in Jesus over the last few months. Through our social media campaigns, many more are asking to meet up and learn more about the gospel.”

Move Forward

100 People Celebration

This fall, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 100 People Network's launch! By God's grace, we have seen the Lord raise up far more goers than we could ask or imagine, and have continued to call upon the Lord to catalyze a church planting movement among 100 unreached people groups in the coming years.

As the time in the field increases for many of our goers, we are taking steps to provide direct care and support through a newly launched Care Hub made up of a team of goers focused on field-based care. These goers are experienced disciple-makers eager to spur on, encourage, strengthen, and invigorate co-laborers in the 100 UPG Cooperative.

In July of 2020, we will host the 3rd Goer Gathering to support goers as they thrive in Jesus and stay on-task in making disciples. This time provides a wonderful opportunity to love and encourage our goers as they come together as a family, build relationships and find refreshment from the Lord.
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