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Look Back

Equipping Classes

We offered a wide variety of equipping opportunities this last year including classes like Caring for Kids From Hard Places, Finances 101, Old Testament Survey, Biblical Counseling, and The Doctrine of Christ. In total, 396 people attended these classes to continue increasing their love for God and their knowledge of how to love the church, the city, and the nations.

Students Ministry

Our Students ministry has experienced significant growth under the leadership of our new Students Director, Jake Bishop, who started leading this ministry in December of 2018. From ATX Conference in the spring, to summer Beach Camp, and mission trips, over 100 students have been regularly and deeply engaged in events and Discipleship Communities this last year.


The Lord is moving powerfully in the women at our congregation. In October 2018, we hired Lauren Campbell to be our Women’s Director. Only a few months later, to kick off the new year, almost 200 women showed up to our first North Women’s Gathering. In April, we hosted another 135 women to learn about Faithful Discipleship. In August 2019, over 130 women gathered all across north Austin for our Regional Gatherings to connect with other women that live near them. More importantly, over 180 women invested over 6 weeks of time learning how to study the Bible inductively together!

Move Forward

The Austin Stone Development Program

This year 37 men and women, lead by 12 cohort leaders will be going through The Austin Stone Development Program. Represented in this year’s program are devoted partners of our church body, most of whom are deeply involved in leading our people in one capacity or another. We’re prayerful that the Lord will use this season of spiritual and theological development to multiply disciple-making leaders in our church.

Kids Ministry

God has been so kind to bring to our church so many families, and so many children! We are moving forward with some exciting plans to care well for all of those children and be faithful partners with parents in helping them to disciple their children. Lauren Jackson, our newest team member and new Kids Director, will be leading us forward to a new chapter in our ministry to children. We are eager to see all the people the Lord will move to join our Kids team to be a part of raising up the next generation!

Missional Communities

As our congregation continues to grow, one of the areas we plan to make intentional strides with is our Missional Communities. There is no way to journey through life without godly community surrounding you. We are asking God to refresh the hearts of men and women in our Missional Communities, to renew their devotion to each other, and to reset the mission and priorities of their communities.
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