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Writer Development Program

In May 2019, nineteen students from all five congregations graduated from the first year of ASI’s Writer Development Program. These graduates spent eight months training on how to create written work that serves God and others by being good, beautiful, and true. After the program, students shared that they became better writers, understood the “why” behind writing as Christians, and saw writing as mission.


In the past year, ASI hosted six different seminars on a variety of topics including the Holy Spirit, hospitality, and the spiritual disciplines. Nationally renowned authors and speakers such as Rosaria Butterfield, Donald Whitney, and Gregg Allison, shared their wisdom with hundreds of Austin Stone partners and attenders. Seminar attendees were challenged to grow in their understanding of these topics, and to apply this knowledge in their everyday lives.

First Love and Marriage Mentoring

ASI produced two mentoring guides this past year: First Love, a guide for women for mentorship, and Marriage Mentoring, a guide for use in premarital and marital counseling. One woman shared, “First Love makes mentoring so easy! … Each week we both walked away empowered and encouraged to grow.” A mentor couple in our premarital counseling program shared that Marriage Mentoring was having a huge impact on the soon-to-be groom they were mentoring. “He said that he’s never studied the Bible like this before and it’s been helpful for him to see how God addresses such relevant issues to his life.”

Move Forward

New Training Opportunity - ASI Bible Classes

In addition to our usual training opportunities, including The Austin Stone Development Program, the Writer Development Program, and seminars, ASI is launching a new Bible class this fall. Students in this class will be equipped with knowledge about a particular genre of literature in the Bible, and then will put this knowledge to work through the inductive Bible study method. We are excited to train our leaders to better understand, interpret, and apply the Word of God in their lives.

"Learning to Listen" Seminar Series

In our culture today, it seems that very few are taking the time to listen to those with different perspectives and experiences, and to respond in truth and love. Our 2019-2020 seminar series is designed to equip our partners and attendees to better understand doctrinal truths related to some of the more controversial topics today, and to encourage them to take time to truly listen to others’ experiences as they share the truth and love of God. Topics for this seminar series include the similarities and differences of men and women, genderedness and embodiment, race and racism, and politics.

Recruiting for Residents

This year, ASI will be taking twenty trips to conferences and colleges with the goal of recruiting many qualified and talented residents to join our team and be trained to be future leaders of God’s church. We are excited to see who God raises up for this opportunity, and how He uses them to expand His kingdom locally and globally.
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