Family Ministries

Our aim is to lead our Kids and Students to know, love, and obey God by hearing and experiencing the gospel on Sundays, through fun environments and events, and, most importantly, in partnership with their parents.

Since families make up almost 40-50% of The Austin Stone and continue to be our fastest growing demographic, family ministry remains a top strategic focus and priority for our church.

We believe the best way for children to become disciples of Jesus is for parents to be the primary spiritual leaders in their lives. Because of this biblically-based belief, our highest value is parent discipleship - helping parents spiritually lead their own children. 





Average Sunday Attendance
Attended Mother/Son Amazing Race
Attended Daddy Daughter Dance

Salvation Story From a Mom

"Our son came to us last night about an hour after being put to bed saying Jesus wants him to be near him and to stop running. We talked through this and in his own words he articulated the gospel so clearly and said he wanted to give all of himself up to follow Jesus. So he prayed with us and asked the Lord to forgive his sin and make him new. We are so thankful! I was early to pick him up last Sunday so I stood outside their class and heard the gospel being clearly presented."

Daddy Daughter Dance

“Simply getting to spend time with my daughter in such a special, well thought out environment was really special. She talked about it every day leading up to the event after I had given her the invitation and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since! In all honesty, our relationship seemed to experience a breakthrough after the event and that’s worth its weight in gold.”

Fifth Graders REAPing the Word of God

The three pillars of our Kids ministry are truth, fun, and love. Fun is all about setting up the environment and engaging with the kids where they are. Love reminds us to provide a safe and nurturing environment so that every child who walks through our doors can learn about and experience the gospel. Finally, we are focused on teaching kids the gospel truths of the Bible. This year, the St. John Congregation started something new with 5th graders in an effort to do just that.  Each Sunday, during their small group time, students participated in what we call group REAP where they would:

Read a scripture passage together from bible along with a chapter out of The Radical Book for Kids
Examine and discuss the passage as a group
Apply what they were learning to their lives
Pray together asking God to make them doers not just hearers of what they just learned

In taking this approach, we have seen these students more interested and engaged in studying God’s Word together.


The vision of Students at The Austin Stone is to cultivate a community where students learn to exalt the name of Jesus in our city, nation, and world while also working to equip families for discipleship.

The mission of Students at The Austin Stone is to contextualize the ministry and mission of The Austin Stone Community Church in the lives of 6th-12th grade students. We seek to worship Christ, equip students with the gospel, build community that allows students to be known and cared for.

We gather Sunday mornings to sing, learn and grow together, so that students are shaped by the story of the gospel rather than the story of the culture. During the week, our students participate in Discipleship Communities (DCOMMS). DCOMMS are age and gender specific groups where students study the Bible, cultivate friendships, and are mentored by volunteer leaders. In addition, we plan an execute age-appropriate events in our ministry to help students grow in their faith, deepen friendships, strengthen their ties to our church, and have fun.


Average Sunday Attendance


Attended SCL Fall Retreat


Attended ATX Conference


Attended Summer Beach Camp


The goal for this year was to provide our students with the opportunity to study God’s Word with a focus on key characters in the Old Testament narrative.  Beginning with God and the creation of man, the students made their way through the Old Testament each week, studying selected Bible passages highlighting a key biblical character. Throughout the year, we had over 200 students read, engage, and wrestle with the grand story of the Bible through the lives of major biblical persons.  Led by amazing leaders, the DCOMMs served to help students establish and reinforce a biblical worldview when it comes to understanding who God is, who they are, and how that truth impacts their identity, relationships, and purpose.

Upcoming Curriculum

This next year we are excited to leverage a new curriculum specifically for our Junior High students. The middle school years are often the time that most kids begin to wrestle with their identity, and are craving meaningful relationships. With this in mind, we partnered with our ASI resource team to develop a curriculum that engages students to see how Jesus has come to reconcile and restore us in four relationships of inherent brokenness - God, self, others, and the world.

Beach Camp

Early this summer we took over 250 junior high and high school students and over 60 leaders on a 17+ hour bus ride on  seven charter buses to Panama City Beach. Each morning started with small group devotional time in God’s Word (Psalm 23). The week was filled with confession, repentance, and seeing God save over 15 students and then celebrating with 26 baptisms.

Seeing how much God has grown our ministry, it's looking like we will have to do two trips next year, one for our junior high students and one for our high school students. And we can’t wait!
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