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One of the most encouraging practices within the church is celebrating new life as God saves more into our family of faith. This year we saw 81 expressions of faith through the movement of the gospel among our congregation. Men, women, students, and children are growing in their new faith and learning to live lives submitted to Christ.


To kick off the new school semester, College at The Austin Stone hosted Campus Night of Worship outside of the Austin Tower at The University of Texas. Our 75 College Missional Community leaders and 25 coaches prayed fervently for students to come and hear the gospel, and we saw over 1,000 in attendance. God is moving all over the city and igniting the next generation of His Church for His mission, and we are seeing Him accomplish this on college campuses all throughout Austin.

Move Forward

Workplace Fellowships

The Austin Stone partners are helping to lead and facilitate faith communities in 23 different workplaces all over Austin from fast food restaurants to some of the largest and most iconic companies. These communities gather to support and pray for one another, grow in viewing their work as worship, and love their co-workers.
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