Look back, 
Move forward

Annual Report 2019-20

The Austin Stone Community Church
We invite you to join us as we LOOK BACK at the past year through stories of God’s movement in every corner of our church, city, and world. Some stories you will know and some will be new to you. We want you to see how He is moving in and through The Austin Stone Community Church because of your partnership and generosity, and we invite you to celebrate just a few of the countless stories of His unmerited grace.

We hope these stories stir you to worship God for what He has done in the past and excite you about what He is still yet to do. To this end, our ministry leaders have shared with you some of their plans and dreams for the coming year.

Most importantly, we believe our God is far from finished, so we invite you to pray, dream, and MOVE FORWARD.

To Him alone be the glory.

The Elders of The Austin Stone Community Church

Our Elders

Dave Barrett

Matt Blackwell

Dr. Greg Breazeale

Dr. Matt Carter

Doug Brown

Jon Dansby

Tyler David

Dr. Todd Engstrom

Stephen Foster

Michael French

Drew Gant

David Harakal

Dr. Joel Hurt

Aaron Ivey

Dave Kloubec

Ross Lester

Justin Lopez

Jeff Mangum

Halim Suh

Blake Outlaw

James Paquette

Dr. Kevin Peck

Brian Riley

Steve Teng

Rob Truss

Troy Shucknecht

Corey Wagner

Robbie Wright

Mike Daddeo

Who We Are

We are The Austin Stone.

Our Identity

 A New Testament church existing for the supremacy of the name and purpose of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

To love God, love the church, love the city, and love the nations.

Our Convictions

Ruled by God's Word

We submit to the Bible as fully authoritative and our only guide for life and faith.

Christ-Centered in Focus

We aim our attention toward Jesus and His glory above everything else.

Empowered by The Holy Spirit

We rely on the Holy Spirit to truly know God, abide in His love, and bear spiritual fruit.

Reliant on Prayer

We depend on persistent personal communion with God and intercession to God.

Committed to Covenant Community

We covenant together in a shared way of life on God's mission.

Gospel-Saturated in Discipleship

We make, grow, and multiply disciples of Jesus by faithfully communicating the good news of Christ's work for us.

Devoted to Equipping the Saints

We intentionally invest our gifts to see the whole body of Christ participating in ministry and mission.

Relentless in Mission

We labor to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus where it is not yet known even when it is costly.